Have a question? Phone +44 (0) 208 089 6919


How do I contact you? We are open from Monday - Saturday and you can call us at 020 8089 6919.

What is your website email address? You can reach us at info@n1tinystorage.com.

Where are you located? You can simply find us at 17a Rydon Street, London, N7AL

I've never used storage before. How does it work?  We have 3 easy steps for you. 1. Choose your storage unit size. 2. Decide your move-in date and contact us for assistance.

Can I access my unit anytime ?Definitely! It has 24-hour access. 

How much does a storage locker unit cost? We have a flexible, low cost and secure self storage to meet your needs that starts at  £6.92 per week. 

What forms of payment do you accept? We do accept credit card payments.

Is there any insurance guarantee for material stored ?  Absolutely , you must be insured to stay with us. You can purchase an appropriate amount of insurance cover alongside your booking. Simply select how much it would cost to replace the value of the items being stored and we'll add the cost of this insurance cover to your bill.

How much is your insurance cover cost ? It starts at £8.62 per month.

What discounts do you offer ? You will get a 50% off  in your first two months.

What are the storage sizes you offer?  We offer a Cube Locker Storage size ( small sized locker), Locker Storage (tall narrow storage locker) and Bike Storage

How much does it cost for Cube Locker Storage ?It would be £2.00/ week (inc. VAT) and £4.00 after discount period .

How much does it cost for Locker Storage ?
It would be £3.50/week (inc. VAT) £7.00 after discount period 

How much does it cost for Bike Storage? It would be £4.62/ week (inc. VAT) £9.23 after discount period.

What contract will I be tied up to ? This is a monthly contract that can be canceled at anytime and runs continuously until canceled.

What are the things I can't store in my unit?
Customers must not store anything hazardous, dangerous , illegal , stolen , perishable , environmentally harmful or explode.